Monday, 11 January 2010

Photo blogging

By Rob Benwell

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Just like vlogs, photo blogs are born from the need to communicate and integrate in a community that has reached international dimensions. A photo blog mainly relies on photo sharing and publishing, while also using textual support as well. Nevertheless, when you visit a photo blog you'll understand where the focus really lies; the phenomenon deviated from blogging with the advent of the cameraphones that allow the instant photo sharing between web users. The big advantage of such pages is that they are very dynamic in nature as compared to traditional sites. There are photo blogs that belong to individual domains and others that use larger collective services such as Blogger.

Widely accessible all over the web, photo blogs are managed with the help of specific software systems that enable content control. Thus, photo bloggers are able to upload materials and manage all posts without any restriction; the same unrestricted form is maintained for the access to photo blogs, since all that is required is a browser and direct online access. There are cases when the transition from text to photo blogs is made with the use of plugins and even code rewriting; thus a combination of text and image is possible when a blogger selects a daily entry option.
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Usually photo blogs have a single author, nevertheless it is not uncommon that two or three people contribute to the same web page. The posts display depends on chronology, with the main page showing the most recent entries, but you may go back to the archives any time you want. Photo blogs are highly interactive too since users may leave any comments they want for a special entry. The presence of friendly links is also important in the photo blogging community, given the fact that creators come to move freely between sites.

It is totally incorrect to take pictures galleries for photo blogs; while the former is a simple collection images, the latter is a chronological log that uses categories allowing the user to navigate among them from older to newer materials and vice versa. It is not uncommon to also have photo blogs and moblogs as one and the same unit; though they may also function separately as well. A photo blog that can be updated from a mobile location such as camera phones could be labeled as mob logs. Nevertheless this latter concept could well function without pictures as well. In a nut shell, the composite character of the Internet allows the happy existence of hybrid blog types that enrich the puzzle even more.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Optimizing your blog for search engines

By Rob Benwell

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Competition is fierce online, and the top places on the search result pages are the most hunted for; therefore, any blog owner who tries to make money on the Internet needs to use a whole strategy to attract the best visitors and the highest traffic. The working principle for the blog optimization for search engines is the keyword. When you start the race for SEO (search engine optimization), you already have an advantage: blogs are usually the ones to receive more traffic then other complex sites due to their highly informational content. By keywords we mean those sentences or structures that a user types in the search box of an engine.

Blogs mainly rely on articles that are regularly updated and re-freshened, so that they have something new to offer all the time. Before you write the blog content, you'll need to make a list with all the keywords related to your domain and which are most likely to be typed in the search box by Internet users. A brain-storming session is ideal to find the best structures you need to include in the articles; keep in mind that there are some rules you may have to follow here as well.

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For instance, choosing some very general keywords is not the best way to promote a business via a blog given the fact that though you may receive a high traffic, the profit could remain modest. The explanation is very simple here: too broad terms attract all sorts of users, even those that are not interested in purchasing something. SEO experts use all sorts of parameters to check the profitability of a blog, and one of them deals precisely with the number of relevant users the web-page gets.

Once you manage to get the most high-in-demand keywords, you'll still have to do a lot of work in order to keep the blog position high in traffic. The status of keywords may change from one day to the other, given the intense competition that characterizes the Internet in general; consequently, every time you update or change the site content, you need to perform a keyword analysis beforehand and see where they stand in rankings. Last but not least, there is one thing that remains the golden rule of search engine optimization: quality informational content, that should be the essence of any successful blog!

Monday, 28 December 2009

Blogging – ten sites you need to know

By Rob Benwell

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Now that you are part of the blogging phenomenon that has spread all around the world, or you simply aspire to learn something about the online community, there is plenty of assistance you can find online to help you optimize your own blog the best way you want.
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For instance, a host giant like provides a great chance to start a blog on your own; it is a good opportunity for anyone interested in joining a world-wide community that shares pictures, videos, thoughts and points of view. Furthermore, you'll also get precious information from many domains.

Another such great host site is where you may register your blog under a variety of categories depending on the theme and topic. There is a wide selection of users and definitely good quality traffic if you make the blog worth visiting.

For those who want to make some money with their blogs, by advertising, I strongly recommend, a Google-joint program that enables bloggers to make a really good income. How come? On this site you closely follow all the necessary steps to choose the ads (both images and text) that best match your blog content.

It is the same business direction that triggers lots of queries in terms of Internet marketing: you may learn more about the bright or the dark sides of the web by having a look at

Blogging takes time and effort, and you can definitely avoid some mistakes other pros warn against by permanently inquiring on new stratagems to use with Adsense; after all you have to make as much money as you can. Hence, is a site that should teach you something.
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Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)
You should also need to subscribe to one of the many sites that provide blog lists so that you may be more easily found by interested users. is a good choice to promote your blog and create traffic.

In the same listing categories we have to mention the giant that is one comprehensive directory where you'll definitely want to have your blog subscribed. The same stays true for that functions according to the same working principles.

We should also point out to a “blog on blogs” that is definitely worth visiting given the large amount of information on the topic: For someone who is just learning the rules of the game, there is much to find out here!

Last but not least, there are all sorts of professional sites that can help you with the tools you actually need for blogging. Here I refer to and other similar pages that may guide and assist you in the attempt to find the software that best matches your blog. Good luck!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

How to promote your blog?

By Rob Benwell

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Vision is the art of seeing things invisible
Jonathan Swift (1667-1745)

Regardless of the reasons for which you have created a blog, it can become a success only if you know how to promote it: in other words, you have to attract traffic. There are several ways to do so, depending on what you aim at with your blog; first of all, you need to get a look on the web and see what the competition is like. Blogging is something you learn and improve as you acquire more experience; actually we could say there are no boundaries related to the possibility to promote something online. The best help you can get is from domains related to yours, by the use of friendly links.

Once you've got the pages ready don't hesitate to have links to your blog posted on other sites, which you may have to do the same in exchange to help others. Nevertheless, it is good to mention here that you must pay attention to the web page quality to make sure that you don't promote something that contradicts your principles. Then, you should probably know that there are all sorts of blog directories where you may submit your pages so that you make it more easily accessible. Generally such sites require a description of your blog, and it is here that you need to show your skills.

In case you have to describe the blog as clearly as possible, try to focus on the general topic and aim of the blog. The title you include here will be part of a category that you must select very carefully, so that it reflects your intention completely. This introductory part should not be too long, though you'll have to include some descriptive details and high-in-demand keywords. If you manage to do all these insertions correctly, then you can expect to get great traffic to the blog.

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Adlai Stevenson (1900-1965)

When you are new in the blogging world, you have to let people know that you're available with great subjects, pictures, articles, products and anything else specific to your field. The best way to spread the news about your blog is to write press releases and submit them to free directories; statistics show that many bloggers chose this promotion method as it is the most profitable in terms of attracting friendly links and good positions in search engine rankings. Forum postings are also great to be used in parallel with press release listings, and results should not be late to appear right away.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

How do I start blogging?

By Rob Benwell

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Presently, we can definitely say that online communications are probably the most successful and effective ones worldwide; they save money, time, while also allowing transactions, commercial advertising and even business administration. Blogging is part of this general trend of putting everything on the web, regardless of whether we are talking about business, hobbies or personal stuff. There are some basic guidelines that lie at the foundation of any blogs; therefore, we could say that you need the ABC of blogging before actually starting to enjoy it. The most important thing for the creation of the blog is the purpose: why do you create it for?

There are some people who choose to create a blog on their own, whereas others prefer to hire some pro to set things on the right track. First of all, before starting the actual blogging project, you'll need to create a detailed plan in which to include: objectives, investment with the analysis of cost and profit, targeted audience, blog updates and administration and monitoring tools. Blogging is a very accessible thing to do for both business and personal reasons, nevertheless, its real value is obvious when it attracts relevant traffic.

There are all sorts of issues you need to take into consideration; search for special software that helps you track the best keywords you should include in the articles posted on the blog! This means of attracting traffic by identifying the keywords that are the highest in demand goes hand in hand with special devices that help one evaluate the keyword performance over a specific period of time. Thus, all Internet users interested in blogging, particularly business owners who use blogs for promotion campaigns, need to learn as many SEO secrets as they can, since they have to optimize not just the blog content as such but the ads that appear on it as well.

Another important issue when starting a blog is the content; keep in mind that the best sites of this kind are the ones with highly interesting information. Search engines love great content and visitors linger more on your blog as well if the articles, the videos or the pictures are catchy. For those bloggers who are also running their business online, a good word of advice here is the combination of informational articles and e-news letters. The users that subscribe to periodical informative bulletins should be offered all sorts of promotions and special contests to keep the interest vivid. More such tricks can be learned if you take the time to learn something on Internet marketing, it could mean a great deal for any new blogger.

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Sunday, 6 December 2009

Blogging - making it pay

By Rob Benwell

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Maybe the starting point of a profitable blog is a great topic, but there is definitely more to the business than that. There are two options a blogger has when trying to make the page generate revenue from advertising: either to stay on top of other blogs or provide good-quality material that ensures a high readership. Though the former option may look like the true Internet promise, things are slightly different when you have to achieve a high ad click rate. Let's see the dos and don'ts of blogging when it comes to making money from advertising.

First of all, you need to consider the number of readers you target with the blog articles, and set an average or modest click rate in case the domain you're dealing with is not a very common one. You may get valuable clicks, but they may not be enough to generate the income you need; therefore, always try to maintain a balance between the advertising rate you set for the blog and the amount of traffic you manage to draw by well-researched, informational content. The best Google program to use here is definitely Adsense, but keep in mind that the ads are relevant for the site material and vice versa, hence, focus on quality not quantity.

One of the smartest ways to attract traffic and therefore increase the chances to get more ad clicks is by the use of continuation links. All you have to do is post a link with an excerpt from the blog article and post it on the main page. The whole point is to make it catchy: the reader sees it, interest rises and he or she clicks on the link to get to the body of the story. If you only post the title of an article within the link, you risk that the visitor leave the page without actually minding the post.

Don't make the mistake of linking your blog only to top pages in the business. Yes, there are sites that are considered reference points in the field, and you actually risk of orienting the reader's attention towards a competitor. Links are great tools, but they are not everything for a blog: first comes nice, unique information, and only then should you focus on directing the reader to other similar pages. The best links to use are those that take the visitor to a detailed explanation of the information on your blog, while also allowing the return to the initial page. Good luck!

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Sunday, 22 March 2009

Blogging – What's it all about?

By Rob Benwell

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Blogging is one of the most popular Internet-related phenomenon that has incited the curiosity of millions of people all over the world; it represents a great opportunity for those who create blogs and for those who use them. Very often qualified as the trend of keeping personal diaries online, blogging is far more complex owing to the fact that every web log carries the touch of the owner's imagination, interest and wit. The range of topics blogs deal with is incredibly wide: from politics and economics to sky diving and snorkeling. The next very important aspect after blog content is actually the interactive format of the pages that allows users to take action on the site.

Part of the history of blogging includes the very first attempts to run an account of one's personal life, and many of the blog owners liked to call themselves journalists or diarists. In the early days of blogging around the mid-90s, people enjoyed the experience of belonging to the online community that went beyond all sorts of boundaries. This was the time when the very first combination of text, pictures and videos were included in a blog, as the most accurate way of reflecting one's life. Sometimes, bloggers transmitted live images with the help of various portable devices, creating the so-called semi-automated blogging.

At the beginning, blogs were not individual pages, as they mainly functioned as components of larger websites; nevertheless, with the rapid development of technologies, it came into everyone's power to create and support a personal independent web log. The only condition to enjoy a successful blogging experience is to stick to high quality content that makes any visitor return to the site and even take action on it. Creativity and innovation are probably the best ways to define the blogging experience since we can identify a true craze to be seen online.

Presently, you can find guides to creating successful blogs, since, many small business owners perceive the phenomenon as a great chance to promote products and services online. Blogs are presently part of the Internet marketing strategies anyone should use as included within online advertising campaigns; the great advantage of blogging is that it mainly targets potential customers, reducing the number of uninterested users. We could say that thanks to advertising and Internet marketing, blogging has actually become a very promising type of business.

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